The 3 Significant Damage Causing Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife: Bats, Raccoons, And Squirrels

At the time of Lebanon, Ohio’s inception in 1802, nuisance wildlife was in no short supply in the early 19’th century. Though many of the critters back then have vanished, there are three Lebanon Ohio nuisance wildlife critters, bats, squirrels, and raccoons still harassing Lebanon homeowners and causing extensive damage to walls, ceilings, and attics.

Though the bat population has diminished since the 1800s, squirrels, and raccoons still heavily populate Lebanon as urban development has encroached on natural wildlife habitats. So what is now lacking in the natural habitat for these critters to find a haven, Lebanon walls, ceilings, and attics now take up the slack and make for a warm and safe sanctuary for bats, raccoons, and squirrels.

The Barnes Wildlife Control wildlife removal crew has no end to calls from Lebanon homes needing these critters removed. And once we finish with excluding bats, squirrels, and raccoons, the degree of damage left behind can run into the thousands to repairs. So it’s in the interest of any homeowner to call us at (937) 340-1867 as soon as possible if they think bats, squirrels, or raccoons have invaded their most precious and valuable asset.

Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page: A Photo of bats in an attic
A large colony of bats can cause extensive damage to attics due to frequent urination and pooping, leaving a horrible odor. A potential health risk comes from a mold that grows in bat guano. This mold produces spores that cause the lung disease Histoplasmosis.
Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page Photo: A raccoon that entered a home via a poorly installed vent.
A raccoon entered this home’s walls through an outside vent, which you can see at the base of the trap. The raccoon quickly tore off the covering of this poorly installed vent. All vents we install are 100% raccoon-proof removing any future Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife raccon problem.
Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page Photo: Trapped flying squirrels.

We’ve been in attics with a colony of flying squirrels numbering over 30. A colony of flyers creates terrible damage to insulation, sheetrock, wood, and their gnawing on electrical wiring increases the risk of a fire. Also, their night time attic antics drive homeowners crazy!

Attic Bat Infestations Create Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Issues Day In And Day Out 

When Barnes Wildlife Control’s team investigates a Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife bat issue in a home, we know that if bats exist, we’ll probably find either the Little Brown Bat or the Big Brown Bat. Of course, no homeowner wants bats inhabiting any part of their most prized asset, but it’s important to note that bats are significantly valuable to Ohio’s ecosystem. The Little Brown and Big Brown pollinate plants, pass on seeds in their guano, and consume pesky mosquitoes by the thousands making our nights more pleasant. Nevertheless, once bats, no matter how valuable to the ecosystem, enter a home, they must be excluded before any significant damage or health issues occur.

The process of removing bats, as explained on Our Bat Removal Page, takes some time and expert training. These Lebanon, Ohio nuisance Wildlife flying mammals with their flat bones slip through the smallest of openings no more than 18 mm wide. Locating all these access points is important since we need to repair and seal all but a few. We place One-Way Bat Valves over the few unsealed entry points which allow bats out of a building but they cannot return through the valve.

There are warning signs which indicates you have bats in your attic which is one of the major Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife human conflicts. Seeing bats entering your building from the outside, of course, is a sure sign, but often you may miss such apparent indications of a bat presence. Once in an attic roost, bats will often flap their wings which some people hear. Also, bats produce high-frequency squeaks, which many older people cannot perceive due to gradual hearing loss in those high frequencies. But, if bats are in an attic long enough, what reaches everyone is the noxious strong ammonia odor coming from bat feces and urine, which create incredibly unhealthy conditions in an attic.

Lebanon, Ohio Is In Warren County, Ohio, Which Consists Of Over 60 Cities, Villages, Townships, Census-designated Places, And Unincorporated Communities, And All Serviced By Barnes Wildlife Control.

Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page: A Photo of bats in an attic

This colony of little brown bats got into an Ohio home and caused extensive damage due to each bat pooping and urinating up to 30 times a day. Our Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife experts are experienced bat exclusion experts. 

Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page Photo: A mother raccoon manged to get in a ceiling and give birth to her babies.

Bat guano and urine contaminated all of this attic’s insulation so badly we could not do just spot removals. Once a colony of bats infests an attic, a homeowner can face not just a mess but a potentially serious health hazzard.

Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page Photo: A pair of trapped flying squirrels.

This attic only served as an insulation base. It had such a massive bat infestation that the homeowners needed a complete attic restoration consisting of insulation removal, decontamination and new insulation.

Female Raccoons With Babies In Lebanon Attics Are A Major Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Problem

Raccoons don’t need much of a gap to use their powerful claws to rip apart fascia, soffits, vents, and even roof shingles, especially if a female is ready to give birth and senses there is a secure, dry, and warm space inside your home. Also, if you have any rotted wood outside your home, you can be sure a this Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife mommy raccoon will easily chew its way through into some safe digs but at your expense.

And once inside an attic, the destruction that some raccoons cause includes tearing open air ducts, ripping insulation off of pipes, breaking pipes, chewing on wood and wires, and heavily pooping and peeing throughout an attics insulation. And if the destruction is terrible enough, a complete attic restoration causing thousands may be necessary.

One of the most emotionally difficult Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife raccoon trapping situations occurs when a mother raccoon gives birth to kits in an attic. Baby raccoons are so cute, which brings out the nurturing instinct in our raccoon trapping team. But unlike squirrels, groundhogs, bats, chipmunks, and rabbits, Ohio law does not allow us to relocate raccoons off the homeowner’s property. And if a homeowner will not allow the release, sadly, we have to euthanize the kits humanely, but this never gets easier for any of us, nor should it, given we are all animal lovers.

But, there are alternatives to euthanizing the babies if the homeowner allows us to modify the property’s habitat and button up all the possible access points into a home with heavy-duty materials. Once we complete all our modifications, we can release mommy raccoon with her babies, and she’ll find another secluded area to raise her kits.

Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page: A photo of baby raccoons removed from an attic.

We found three baby raccoons sleeping within the insulation in this attic.  On the left side of the above photo, one of the three baby raccoons snuggle into the insulation, keeping it warm during cold weather.

Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page Photo: A mother raccoon manged to get into this Ohio attic and give birth to her babies.

This female raccoon gave birth to three kits in this Ohio attic. Fortunately, we live-trapped her inside the attic by enticing mama raccoon into the cage with our favorite lure Raccoon Whisky, and the enticing raccoon bait Berry Bandit.

Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page Photo: The destruction caused by a raccoon in an attic can be costly.

While a female raccoon and her kits were in this attic, she created an extensive amount of damage by tearing up a vent, tearing open larger access points from the outside, and pooping and peeing throughout the insulation.

The Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Troubles Caused By The Antics Of A Flying Squirrel Colony In An Attic

Having one flying squirrel in your home’s attic is not much of an inconvenience, but when a colony of 15 to 25 gets inside your attic, expect a cacophony of nightly sounds from these nocturnal playful bug-eyed Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife squirrels.

Since these little furry gliding rascals are creatures of the night, they search for food at night and will move in and out of an attic throughout the night while communicating with each other with high-pitched chirping sounds. During these nightly adventures, you’ll hear them running, playing with each other, and fighting. Also, you’ll hear the squirrels landing on your roof, returning from their nightly nut hunt and dropping the nuts on wood in your attic. Let’s not mince any words: if you have a colony of flying squirrels in your attic, you will not be sleeping well.

Flying squirrels cunning big eye faces though cute to look at and entertaining if domesticated as pets, are not fun when they’ve colonized your home’s attic as they are now a potentially significant problem due to the damage they can cause. You must get a licensed and insured Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife company like Barnes Wildlife Control into your home as soon as possible and have them perform a full inspection which will assess the degree of your flying squirrel infestation.

Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page: A photo of nuts collected by flying squirrels in an attic.
Flying squirrels in attics usually build their relatively large nests around piles of insulation found in attics. A colony will build nests as large as three to five feet high. They love stockpiling nuts, seeds, and even bones of birds underneath their nests.
Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page Photo: Flying squirrels can leave large piles of feces in a number of areas in an attic.

A colony of flying squirrels in an attic picks an area as a common latrine where they poop and pee. That common latrine is away from their sleeping area. Flying squirrels will create several shared latrines if they have inhabited an attic for some time.

Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page Photo: Proper trapping methods must be used to capture flying squirrels.

The small size of a flying squirrel enables it to work its way into attics enter gas one-half in size. And given its long sharp teeth, it can easily chew its way through smaller openings or make new openings through rotting wood around soffits, fascia, or vents.

Be Wise And Choose A Well Respected Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Company To Address Your Bat, Raccoon, And Flying Squirrel Infestations

The only way to successfully remove bats, raccoons, and flying squirrels from your Lebanon, Oho home is by trapping or One-Way Exclusion Devices like the Bat Valve. But, since animals enter your home by the roof or somewhere else like soffits, fascia, vents, or chimneys, before any form of exclusion begins, a complete home inspection from top to bottom inside and out must be completed. A professional inspection from a licensed, insured, certified, and EXPERIENCED Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Control company like Barnes Wildlife Control guarantees that you’ll get warrantied work standing the test of time.

The efficient and effective process of a Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife exclusion demands a professional, not some fly-by-night company undercutting the pricing of certified wildlife control experts. Barnes Wildlife Control, with 10+ years of highly praised wildlife control work, can quickly identify what wildlife has entered your building and provide you with a plan for exclusion, repairs, and a reasonable estimate of costs. When you want the best Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife advice, service, and pride in a job well done, please call our professional staff at (937) 340-1867.

Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page: A full home inspection from roof to foundation, inside and out, is the hallmark of a quality wildlife control company.

A professional licensed and insured Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife company will do a full inspection of your home, inside and out, locating every possible wildlife entry point. And when done with an exclusion, proper sealing and repair are a must for long-term success!

Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page: A bat valve install to exclude bats from an attic.

Using the proper exclusion method is the hallmark of an experienced Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife control company. Bat, raccoon, and squirrel exclusion methods vary, and there is as much an art as science when doing wildlife exclusions.

Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Blog Page Photo: Another successful catch of flying squirrels.

As a humane and compassionate Lebanon Ohio Nuisance Wildlife company, Barnes Wildlife Control believes in the humane live removal of wildlife from homes and, when possible relocating them where they can live out a full life in their natural habitat.