Moles in your Yard? Get Our Miami Valley Mole Trapping Service Today!

The owner of a large home in Riverside thought she might have a Coyote problem, so Jack, our Field Manager, set up some of our signature motion-capture cameras we use for every Miami Valley Mole Trapping Service call. These are a sure-fire way to catch pests and invasive animals in action. While he was there, she asked about moles tearing up her garden and asked how our service might help her mole problems.

Miami Valley Mole Trapping Service by Barnes Wildlife Control Removed 4 moles in 1 day

4 Moles Removed from Dayton Ohio Lawn in 1 day of mole trapping by our Miami Valley Mole Trapping Service Experts

Another company had charged the Riverside homeowner $2,000.00 and had not caught one mole. Barnes Wildlife Control is owned and operated by people who know the animals, their habits, and the best way to catch them. Jack used the cameras to watch the movements of the moles. This allowed him to place traps inside their underground tunnels strategically. In just two days, he caught two moles. Barnes Wildlife Control charged the client $175 for our Miami Valley Mole Trapping service.

Moles love to eat worms that tend to be in large numbers in your garden and lawn.  In their search for earthworms, moles will tear up your lawn and garden. You don’t want to use poison on your lawn or garden to kill moles since you would also be killing your valuable earthworms. However, Grubs can be treated for, and that is one less food source for the moles in your nice garden. The best way to get rid of moles is to trap them and release them elsewhere. 

Act now and hire Barnes Wildlife Control’s Mole Yard Removal Service. Also, check out Viking Product Supply for their even increasing product line which helps with ever manner of wildlife problems.