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Barnes Wildlife Control
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Barnes Wildlife Control Of Ohio

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Muskrat Control Service for Greater Dayton OH

Barnes Wildlife Control Can Help You Remove Muskrats From Your Pond

The technicians at Dayton Muskrat Control Service are experts at muskrat removal. Barnes Wildlife Control will remove muskrats from your pond.  Most people believe that muskrats are not much of a problem, but muskrats are troublemakers when they invade your private lake.  If you start noticing holes near the water’s edge, those are probably muskrat tunnels.  A lake’s banks can erode over time due to this burrowing activity.  Muskrat Control Services can control a muskrat population before it explodes. Where you see one muskrat, you usually find more.  As members of the rodent family, muskrats are prolific breeders.

Where Do Muskrats Live

Muskrats live in small bodies of water, in nature and in rural locations. They inhabit ponds and reservoirs in suburban areas as well.  Muskrats even find pools in the middle of the city.  They may occupy condo association retention ponds or parking lot detention ponds. These critters often cause serious damage to a pond’s structure.

Muskrats make burrows through the banks. In doing so, they cause leaks that are extremely difficult to plug. In time, the ground collapses due to the softening of soil around and above the sides of the pond.  As a result, people and pets encounter dangerous conditions when walking near the pond. Muskrats will quickly deplete a pond’s resources before moving to the next available habitat.  Although they do eat some meat, muskrats are mostly plant eaters who will destroy gardens and nearby crops.

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Barnes Wildlife Control Technicians Are Experts At  Muskrat Elimination

Barnes Wildlife Control technicians use top-of-the-line, modern equipment and a variety of baits and lures.  We have years of hands-on muskrat trapping experience.  Our expertise sets us apart from the competition.

Sometimes the underwater muskrat tunnels are too deep to locate.  To solve the depth issue, our technicians can set floating cage traps where the shores are rip-rapped with stones.  We can also set Conibear body-gripping traps underwater. These traps are discreet and out of sight in those delicate areas.  Where public perception is a concern, the traps will never be seen.

Dayton Muskrat Control Service

Dayton Muskrat Control Service


So, we WILL remove the muskrats from your pond. Use our trained professionals at Barnes Wildlife Control today! Call BWC or visit the Muskrat Control Service page for the Miami Valley & Dayton Ohio Muskrat Pond Damage Prevention Specialists.