The Positive Set Trap (PST) Explained

A Positive Set Trap is a tried and tested technique that the wildlife control industry often uses.  It is a way of trapping nuisance animals that involves:

  • a clear and defined path of travel for the nuisance animal
  • a trap placed directly in the defined travel path
  • no other way out, blocking off all other possible entrances/exits.

Sounds simple? It is, because in the wildlife control industry, simple is often the best option. Simple solutions can and will work in an effective and humane manner, as well as helping to keep costs down for the customer. The Positive Set Trap is such a simple concept, but it is versatile and efficient. Wildlife Control Operators use the technique at foundation level under structures or on the ground over burrows, and at roof height, over soffit or gable vents or even in the chimney.  It requires no baiting or luring of the targeted nuisance animal.  Used in a correct way, the Positive Set Trap catches a range of nuisance animals such as groundhogs, skunks, opossums, raccoons, and squirrels.

Positive Set Trap Photo of a raccoon in the Green Hornet Trap.

Wildlife Control Operators at Barnes Wildlife Control carry out this routine and safe technique within the appropriate framework of legislation and local regulations that govern the use of any type of PST.  In the United States, wildlife control regulations are complex and may vary enormously between states, counties, species, even changing from season to season.  Licensed professionals in the wildlife control industry always operate within and stay up to date with relevant federal and local laws.

A Positive Set Trap Targets Only The Problem Animal

The Positive Set Trap targets only the problem animal, not pets or other passing nuisance wildlife. The PST excludes “trap-happy” wildlife that is not the intended target animal.  “Trap-happy” animals have no fear of live cage traps and become easier and easier to catch over time, attracted by the bait inside.  The Positive Set Trap is, however, a humane and efficient way to catch “trap-shy” nuisance wildlife.  Such animals are difficult to capture and will not enter a standard baited live trap.  The Positive Set Trap technique ensures that “trap-shy” animals have no choice but to use it.

The Positive Set Trap works in situations where conventional live or cage traps with bait no longer work.  The methods may include options for live capture, but there are also “kill traps”, “body-gripping” traps or “conibear” traps (invented by the Canadian Frank Conibear).  Many Wildlife Control Operators using a PST take the decision to use “body-gripping” or “conibear” type traps

  • in places where swift and humane animal removal is necessary
  • in situations where disease is an obvious or a potential problem, or where health and safety is vital
  • on structures where damage requires essential, extensive or immediate repairs
  • at heights in positions where live capture is a dangerous option, such as on the roof or chimney.

We Use The Green Hornet Trap Because It’s The Best PST In The Industry

Here at Barnes Wildlife Control, we turn to such “body-gripping” traps when no other method will work. And we prefer a quality pest control product, The Green Hornet, available now to all professionals in the wildlife control industry.  Efficient and humane, no “body-gripping” Positive Set Trap on the current market matches The Green Hornet.  Read all about this exciting new product at The Green Hornet Trap Website.

The Green Hornet Trap Is The Best "Positive Set" Trap In The U.S. It's The Perfect Solution For Trap Shy Animal Pests

The Green Hornet Trap is the best “Positive Set Trap” in the United States. It’s the perfect solution for trap shy animal pests. The GHT is manufactured by  Viking Product Supply a distributor of quality pest control products for WCO professionals.

Made in Dayton, Ohio, The Green Hornet is the product of years of research, development and field testing.  No other design of Positive Set Trap guarantees such a high rate of success in the humane dispatch of the targeted nuisance animal.  At Barnes Wildlife Control, we always use The Green Hornet when no other style of Positive Set Trap will do the job.  From experience, we always trust The Green Hornet to capture a “trap-shy” animal.  Durable and sturdy with galvanized wire mesh and powder coated stainless steel clips and cabling, The Green Hornet is easy to install and use at height or in awkward spaces.

Barnes Wildlife Control continues to offer customers the best service by using the best resources in the wildlife control industry. And we use the best Positive Set Trap available. Call us today to provide the perfect solution for “trap-shy” animal pests. Call now on (937) 340-1867.