A few days ago, our Shelby County Ohio bat control service experts did a Bat inspection near Jackson Center. The homeowner called after another pest control company provided an outlandish monetary bid to the homeowner.

On inspection, our Shelby County Ohio bat control service technicians discovered bats in the home. The bats gained access to the attic through the ridge vents, open soffit areas, and the brick frieze around the bottom edge of the house. The top row of bricks on this home is different than most homes. A typical home has horizontal bricks with small mortar gaps, but this particular home has soldier bricks that are turned up vertically and creates larger gaps around the bottom edge of the frieze board. These gaps were large enough that you could see into the attic from the ground level. These spaces allow not only bats but also mice, stink bugs, wasps, and other pests.

Shelby County Ohio Bat Control Service - another roof line photo
 Shelby County Ohio Bat Control Service - gap in bricks photo

Shelby County Ohio Bat Control Service Bids Are Always Priced Fairly

We will be providing a bid for this work. The work entails sealing the entire home from the foundation to the peak of the roof. This sealing process is called a “bat exclusion.” This job demands we use a variety of products. These products include high-quality construction adhesives and sealants, Peak Protector for the ridge vent, screening for the vents new bathroom and dryer vent exhaust hoods, and silicone caulking. Numerous loose soffit returns and loose flashing on the home need repair with bent sheet metal called “aluminum coil stock.” Once repaired with the metal, our Shelby County Ohio bat control service experts paint the soffits and eave returns to match the home’s color style.

Once all the holes are repaired, we install The Bat Valve on a few holes we leave open in the attic. The Bat Valve is a one-way door device that will allow the bats to exit the attic, but they can’t re-enter. Please note that this is the humane way to remove bats from a building. We do not exterminate bats because they are a protected species by Ohio law. Once we have verified that the bats have vacated the attic – only if fall temperatures remain warm – we then remove the valves and seal the holes permanently.

 Shelby County Ohio Bat Control Service roof line photo
bat under shingles photo

Attic Restoration After The Bat Exclusion Process

After the exclusion process, i.e., all bats removed, we will then perform the attic restoration. An attic restoration removes the contamination through a vacuum hose. The hose runs outside the building into containment bags in a disposable container. Once we remove all the bat guano and droppings from the attic, we then sanitize the attic using an atomizing fogger. Afterward, we reinsulate the attic to the proper R-value. At this point, we have completed the project.
Bat guano in attic photo
more bat guano in attic photo

Urgency is quite important since this home has young children living inside. Flexible ductwork in the home attic causes a greater risk for airborne contamination. This contamination includes histoplasmosis and other zoonotic diseases. Also, these bats are a rabies vector species that could come in contact with the owner’s infant children. Barnes Wildlife Control’s Shelby County Ohio bat control service will get this project done efficiently and effectively for the customer.