Skunk Trapping Dayton Ohio

If you live in southwest Ohio, you may have noticed that skunk populations have skyrocketed over the past several years and skunk trapping Dayton Ohio is not immune to this surge. More people than ever are in need of skunk removal service. Without question, Barnes Wildlife Control is the premier service for skunk trapping in Dayton and surrounding areas. If skunks invade your territory, you must act quickly. Call a Barnes skunk trapping expert today at (937) 340-1867 and put your skunk problem to rest!

How Does Barnes Trap Skunks?

There are a few different ways to trap skunks but Barnes Wildlife Control uses only the most humane method: live trapping. Not only does live trapping conserve the lives of Ohio skunks but it minimizes the risk that they will spray in the vicinity of your home. We use professional grade animal baits and lures manufactured by Viking Product Supply.

skunk trapping dayton oh

Look at all these skunks Barnes Animal Control trapped in Dayton Ohio.


Traps that rely on body grip techniques can cause the skunks to spray in a state of panic. Furthermore, other animals can inadvertently get caught and killed in the trap. Contrarily, live trapping minimizes this risk and allows for safe, often odorless relocation of the skunk. Barnes Wildlife Control is the clear-cut choice for skunk trapping in Dayton and nearby areas. Book your skunk trapping expert now at our contact page and solve your skunk problems today!

What If the Skunks Have Already Sprayed?

Unfortunately, it is possible that skunks will spray before you even notice they arrive. Often times, dogs will provoke this as their aggressive behavior scares the skunks into spraying. If your pet is the victim of skunk spray, Barnes does offer bathing service if the smell is too much for you to handle. If, however, you would like to try your hand at removing the odor yourself, you can follow the steps outlined at the bottom of our skunk removal page easily found here. Moreover, we offer skunk deodorizing services to remove any lingering smells in your house. Barnes Wildlife Control is the most trusted company for skunk trapping in Dayton, Ohio. We use the most effective, humane traps and techniques to ensure the safety of you as well as the skunks. Call a Barnes skunk removal expert today at (937) 340-1867 to safely and effectively get rid of skunks!