Wildlife Control Company Selection Guide 2021

With all the fly-by-night companies and shady sales pitches, how do you choose the best? This Wildlife Control Company Selection Guide 2021 is your #1 resource for making the correct choice the first time.

When you have determined you have an animal problem and need professional assistance, what do you do? You turn to Google or Bing and start looking through the sea of wildlife removal companies that pop up. Well, how do you pick? This article will focus on Wildlife Control Company Selection Guide 2021 but will benefit you when searching for other contractors as well. There will be top listings which are paid advertisements, called AdWords. These are where the companies pay the search engine to put their listing first. The more money a company is willing to pay, the higher they will rank.  This doesn’t at all mean they are the best choice for you, just that they are able to afford to be put in front of your eyes first and foremost. Some of these displays can cost the company pushing the ads as much as $30 per click. This photo shows what these paid ads look like.

adwords for raccoon in my attic search photo

This is what Adwords look like for the search term raccoon in my attic

The term pay-per-click means just that. Say you type in “raccoon in my attic“. These search engines will identify what area you are located in based on your IP and other settings, and then display a few prospective companies at the top of any organic results based on your entered keywords. If you click on any of them, the company will be charged a fee based on their bid.  Watch out for these types of ads as they can be misleading and oftentimes companies that don’t even exist in your area.  You are much better off scrolling past these paid advertisements and going down to the first organic results seen in the photo below.

photo of organic results

Organic Result Listings for Raccoon in My Attic Search

These organic results are much more beneficial as they are websites that have been around for a while, have a track record of proven results for the people using them, and are not paid advertisements.  This is true whether you are looking to hire a plumber, an electrician, or a wildlife control company. One caveat to be aware of is companies that resell leads. One, in particular, is the company listed at the bottom of the organic result listing guide. If you look at the photo it says raccoon attic guide. This search was done for Dayton and Cincinnatti Ohio areas, yet this company is based in California.  Their site uses a lot of scams and irrelevant content to trick Google, Bing, and Yahoo into ranking it high on the results page. They have an entire room of writers creating content daily to overwhelm the system, which makes the internet world think it is a legitimate site, when in fact it is not. They sell their leads to companies like ours for profit, when in fact they have no interest in local results or the quality of the company they are recommending.


Why should I choose your company?

Look for these types of answers to your questions:

  • We are a family-owned and operated business ( Barnes Wildlife Control opened in 2011 and is a family ran business )
  • All of our technicians are licensed through the Ohio Division of Wildlife
  • We are insured
  • We will leave traps in place until either the animals are removed or you and your technician come to the agreement that the animal is no longer an issue at your home.
  • We have state of the art technology that can assist in your animal removal project such as thermal imaging cameras, flexible scope cameras, wireless motion-activated cameras, and man-lifts to reach difficult areas
  • Our technicians complete the work themselves. Repairs and insulation work are not subcontracted.
  • Some companies will charge an additional service call after 7-10 days of traps being in a place or may charge a “per trip” fee. We only charge the one-time service call fee for the entire length of our services.
  • If you happen to have a repeat animal issue in the following 30 days after traps have been removed, the service call will be waived and only the per animal removal rates will apply

When you narrow your Wildlife Control Company Selection down to a candidate, check out their reviews on places like:

  • Angie’s List, Google, Facebook, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau

If you are concerned about the welfare of the critters causing issues in your attic or crawlspace, ask this question and verify their answers with your county wildlife officer.

What do you do with the animals?

  • It depends on what type of animal is causing your problem
  • Animals such as squirrels, groundhogs, snakes, and birds can be relocated to private property without issue
  • Animals such as raccoons, skunks, opossums, foxes, coyotes, etc belong to a class known as rabies vector species (RVS) and must be released on-site or euthanized if taken off of the property.

Other questions to ask during your selection process and the Correct Answers you should receive::

Do you offer any guarantee?

  • We are dealing with Mother Nature when working with wildlife. The technicians are very diligent in ensuring that your problem is taken care of.  They will also discuss with you interventions to put in place to prevent animals from returning to the property.
  • Repairs that are completed by our technicians are backed by at least a one-year warranty. If you happen to have a reoccurring animal issue that has compromised one of our repairs the technicians will waive the service call and repair costs, animal removal charges will still apply.

This completes the Wildlife Control Company Selection Guide for 2021. If you are in the Dayton Metro Area including all areas of Montgomery, Greene, and Miami Counties give us a call to help solve your critter problem at (937) 340-1867.

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