Professional Bat Removal | Choosing the Right Company in Dayton, OH


Professional bat removal is an important service for Dayton and Greater Miami Valley residents. Bats are not only annoying pests but can also be a threat to your physical health. Therefore, it is important to find a company that offers expert bat removal. You might ask, however, “what is the best way to compare professional bat removal companies?” All professional bat removal companies perform with different levels of effectiveness. Some bat removal businesses are more experienced, more knowledgeable, and therefore more qualified to handle bat removal jobs. If you know of any bat issues in your house, please don’t put them off. Bats are not only physically threatening (bites, disease, etc.) but can spread illness through the buildup of guano (or droppings). For quick, expert bat removal, call Barnes Wildlife Control at (937) 340-1867!


A Cluster of Bats in a Dayton Home-professional bat removal

BWC professional bat removal service cluster of bats inside a Dayton, OH home


What Do Bat Removal Companies Have in Common

Bat Guano Buildup on Top of a Door in Dayton, Ohio-professional bat removal

Bat guano buildup on top of a door in Dayton, Ohio

Although different, most professional bat removal services have similarities. Ethical bat removal services are always licensed to handle bat control jobs. Professional bat removal (and wildlife removal in general) requires a specific knowledge base and skill set that the average person doesn’t have. Employees without proper licensing have no business going near bats in your home. If you are unsure about a company’s licensing, you can ask them about it. Many wildlife control businesses also have some kind of online presence. Most reputable businesses will have several dozen reviews (depending on age) posted on a review engine such as Google.

If you ever experience issues with other animals, the company choosing process is very similar for wildlife and pest control companies. For more information about choosing the correct wildlife control business, visit this page on the Humane Society website. Barnes Wildlife Control is Dayton’s most outstanding bat removal company. For expert bat removal service, call (937) 340-1867 today!

How to Choose the Best Professional Bat Removal Service

Professional bat removal is a very specific process. It is illegal and unethical to remove bats by killing, poisoning, or hurting them in any way. Therefore, bats must be carefully removed from your home or attic and all entry points need to be sealed. If a company advertises or has a reputation that they remove bats inhumanely, please avoid this company! Not only is it illegal to harm, poison, or kill bats, but this can put your health at risk as well.

Barnes Wildlife Control is the top-rated professional bat removal service in Dayton, Ohio. Our staff is fully licensed and trained to handle commercial and residential bat removal jobs. As a result, we have a fantastic reputation in Southwest Ohio after years of effective bat removal service and friendly treatment of customers. Our bat removal methods are all up-to-date and 100% ethical. For Dayton’s #1 professional bat removal service, call Barnes Wildlife Control today at (937) 340-1867